Cement mill, Raw mill Liners,Cooler Grate Plates,Hammers,Tip castings,Gr media balls.

Heat Treating

Trays, Boxes and Baskets, Retorts, Fixtures. Conveyor Belts, Conveyor Chains. Furnace Hearths and Hearth Supports. Roller Rails, Roller Conveyors. Skid Rails, Molten Metal Pots. Radiant Tubes, Dampers, etc.

Power Plants

Bull Rings and Bull Ring Segments, Hollow Balls, Liners, Tube Supports, Ash Handling Pipes, Ring Hammers, Nihard Liners, Burner Diffusers, Pump Casings, Impellers, Kaplan Blades, Pelton Runners, Ring Hammers, Armour Plates, Mill Body Liners.


Heater Tube Supports, Burner Parts, Grinders, Mixtures, Pump and Valve Parts, Liners, Nozzles etc.

Steel Plants

Furnace Beams and Rails, Baffles, Conveyor Parts, Furnace Doors and Frames, Blow Pipes, Furnace Skids, Dampers, retorts, Radiant Tubes, End Seals for Soaking Pit, Deck Panels, Grate Bars, Lining Plates, Bowl & Mantel Liners, Apron Pans, Mn. Liners. 

Pulp and Paper

Conical Refiners. Disc Refiners, Pump Parts etc. 


Jet Engine Rotors, Jet Engine Rings, After Burner Parts, Fuel Jets, Engine Supports, Fuel Valves etc. 


Propeller-Shaft Bearings, Salt Water Pump and Valve Parts, some Marine Hardware. 

Metal Mining, Smelting & refining

Pump and Valve Parts, Pipe Fittings, Rabble Arms, Plows, Dampers, Feed Spouts, Hearth Plates, Grates, Seal Plates, Retorts, Bowl & Mantel Liners, Apron Pans, Mn. Liners, Tooth points, Concaves.
Tunion Liner
Tunion Liner
Top Mantil
Top Mantil
Apron Pan
Tip Casting
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