The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that adopts international standards production process concept that lays emphasis on efficiency and uniform quality throughout the plant.

The plant’s production capacity is sound enough to cater to the demanding needs of a host of our clients who come from various industries ranging from Steel to Cement, Chemicals, Mining and Mineral processing, Pulp and Paper, Metal mining, Smelting and Refining and Heat Treating, etc.

The following are the products that we manufacture for different industries :

  • Cement Plants

    Cooler Plates, Nose Rings, Tip Casting, Liners, Diaphragms, Hammers, Anvils Inlet and Outlet Grate Sectors, Jaws, kiln, KilnTyre, Supporting Rollers, Blow Bars etc.
  • For Mining Industries

    Shovel Teeth, Liners, Tooth Points, Aporns, Bowl Liner & Mantle Liner etc.
  • For Thermal Power Plants

    Ring Hammers, Liners, Bull Ring Segments, Mpo's, Lower Skit Assembly etc.
  • For Stone Crushers

    Fixed and Swing Jaw plates, side plates, concave, mantelas etc..
  • For Steel Industries

    Apron Pan, Lower Mantle, Bowl Liner etc.
  • For Engg Industries

    Cast Steel , Mn steel, HRCS , Nihard Castings etc.

We manufacture a complete range of liners and grinding media with hardness 56 – 68 RC, 50 – 700 BHN

Under the production process, the metals are prepared in medium frequency in Induction Furnace in a controlled and tightly composed chemical composition setting. Then heat is generated in electric furnaces in neutral atmosphere to obtain a metallurgical structure while all along the percentage of residual austenite is kept down to a minimum.
Tunion Liner
Tunion Liner
Top Mantil
Top Mantil
Apron Pan
Tip Casting
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