Rated as among the most modern and well-equipped plants of its kind, the company’s plant has world class facilities that allow us to manufacture a wide range of high quality steel castings in the weight range of 1Kg to 2500Kgs single casting, with an installed capacity of 2500Tons a year. Powered by the latest technology, the company’s plant adopts periodic analysis throughout the melting cycle that allows us to closely monitor and eventually control the composition of the steel castings to ensure that they maintain consistent dimensional accuracy and confirm to specifications requirements.

Our infrastructure is well-supplemented by automation, instrumentation and computerized controls that ensure consistent enhanced production and operational cost benefits. Constant up gradation and innovation allows us to offer products of long-lasting value for all situations and conditions.


  • Melting : Equipped with Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace 300KGS, 750Kgs, 2500Kgs
  • Moulding & Core Making : We use rapid sand mixers for moulding and core making Equipped with Machine Moulding and Hand Moulding Facilities that suits for Co2 & No- Bake processes with sand Drying System.
  • Knock Out : 10Ton Capacity with sand reclamation system
  • Pattern Shop : Well equipped to make Wooden, Metallic Patterns
  • Fettling Shop : Equipped with Pneumatic Fettling Tool, S.F. Grinders, Flexible Shaft Grinders.etc
  • Heat Treatment: Equipped with Bogie Hearth Electrical Furnace capacities of 5Ton, 3 Ton & 1Ton with PLC Recording with Quenching facilities.
  • Shot Blast : 300Kgs Table type, 1 Ton Hanger Type Shot Blasting M/c.
  • Material Handling : Equipped with EOT Cranes, Hydra, Geared Ladles, Hand Shanks etc
  • Other Equipment : Screw Air Compressors, Welding Rectifiers backed with Diesel Generators


A world class laboratory with the most modern equipments and other research facilities enables us to perform

  • Spectromaxx-M Spectrometer for Chemical analysis of metals
  • Testing of tensile strength
  • Testing of Hardness -Brinell-hardness-
  • Dimensional specifications of finished castings

High Points of Our Laboratory

  • Chemical Lab
  • Strohlein Apparatus
  • Muffle Furnace with Temperature Controller for Calibration
  • Single Pan Balance and Analytical Balance
  • Hot Plate and Spectrometer Analyzer
  • Sand Tester
  • Sand Rammer, etc
Tunion Liner
Tunion Liner
Top Mantil
Top Mantil
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